What is Sharer Nesia?

Sharer Nesia is type of googledrive sharer, But we more concern about your data and privacy, so you didn't need to login into our sites, you just need to write down or paste the googledrive url into our sites, and get sharer link that you can share to the other people. Example https://sharer.my.id/file/317/test-rar

Our Feature

How Sharer Nesia Works?

In short, We just doing any googledrive sharer does, but without forcing people to login or even need to touch the "real files"
that's mean that if you generate any download link to sharer.my.id, and after that you deleted the files from your googledrive, the link that you generate can be still used by people to download that files, so anything that you generate by sharer.my.id will remain still and stored forever, if you want to delete that files, you can contact us or you can delete it by urself on filemanager.


Does my link will available everytime when people downloaded the files?
Of course, You link generated by Sharer nesia will have smart scanning system to detect and replace broken link and make sure that your sharer link will be ready to download at any time, this is will work great if you have download sites that need permanent download link and with high rate of success download. With our system, you can have premium download link from googledrive, without pay anything and care anything.... just generate files from your googledrive files, and share those link. simple and easy :)

Is there's will be limited by google?
No, as we mention earlier, we have scanning system to download page, so any broken link, or dead link, will be replaced with our system with new link and we will check those link every time when people want to download the files, so if the link broken, system will automatically replace the link to active and ready to download link, and if there's no problem to the link, then visitor can continue downloading the files, checking files and re-create active link will takes time less than 10 second :)

Is the real files on my googledrive will safe and undetect after using sharer nesia?
Yeah, We only touch your files once when you input your googledrive into our generator, after that we didn't even touch your files again. you can do whatever to your files, like... delete that, or make it private, that's no problem, and your shared link by sharer nesia will remain active and can be downloaded by anyone.

How long my files will be stored? is there any auto delete?
your files will stored FOREVER as long as sharer.my.id alive, and we didn't have any auto delete feature, so you can use our service to make reliable download page with 100% ready to download links, forever without any payment :)

How Sharer.my.id keep alive and continue to host the files?
We get the money from you who using our service, as you know. On download page, there's some ads like popup ads so they who will paid sharer.my.id and we also get help by some people who report the bug, so everyday sharer.my.id will be more and more stable, and we can keep our server alive with that type or earning, also you can donate but i not encourage you to do that, because i afraid if you donate then the website will error at some time so safe you money, and just using this sharer is more to help me and the sharer itself... :)

Is Sharer Nesia Free?
Of course free, as long as you have sites, and want to using sharer.my.id as your download page. you more than welcome to using this project, just contact me on the contact page, and i will create your account for free :3