Compare us with other's services

Different between our services to other's googledrive sharer

you can see the picture below...

Our Services

so in short, We will clone your files to our server, and then clone it again to people for download it, and every time new people coming, we will check again the lastest files, is that still alive or died, if the file die, we will clone again from our primary server and replace the old download link to the new ones, and this process is automatically by our system, this will take time less than 10Second

If you compare our system to normal-ordinary googledrive sharer like other's sites, so they will work like this...

others Services

so in short, the admin of the files will generate the files, on server side, they will store the file's link, then ask user to login into sharer, after user login in their sharer, they will get authorization code and begin to copy the files into visitor's drive. if the visitor drive full, then process will fail and visitor need to delete files from their drive and repeat the process... furthermore if your real files is disabled, banned, or deleted. visitor can no longer download the files anymore.

So how if your gsuite get ban? is that mean all of our files will be dissapear too?

Hahaha, of course NO. if you look carefully, our primary server and our gsuite is two separate things, so if our gsuite get deleted, or ban by google, we can simply change to another one, this is easy and simple, because your files and other's stored into our server (primary files). With this system, we will make sure your files will available all of the time, and ready to download.